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Warm-up: CRCT review
Classwork: work on the debate. Make sure your opening & closing statement is 1-2 minutes, affirmative and negative statements are 2-4 minutes.

Brainstorm ideas for rebuttal.

Homework: study island due tomorrow
Warm-up: CRCT review

classwork: read articles, find evidence to support your argument, start structuring your argument according to format.

things to turn in tomorrow: poster, argument paper, 2 graphs

homework: none/ study for quiz (quiz on carrying capacity, symbiosis, energy flow (chain/web/pyramid),
Warm-up: CRCT review
Classwork: finish lab/ turn in lab/start forming groups for debate teams.

Choose a side: should humans introduce natural predators to an environment?

Homework: none/ finish lab

Warm-up: CRCT review

Classwork: Predatory vs Prey lab: What happens to an ecosystem when a natural predator is introduced? (Is this a good thing or a bad thing?)

Please do a thorough job on this lab, because this will lead into our next task during next week--deb
Ms. Kwon out for TAG department paper work day.

Please read the chapter on carrying capacity and learn how the organisms
Warm-up: review questions

Notes on symbiosis: How do different species interact with one another? (see attached)

Homework: gizmo due today; work on Ecology book--- due Friday
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...I had a lab in mind for this day, but according to the "progress check" on the project (Ecology book), you all need some time to work on it...

so today is work day. Please ask any questions that you have regarding the project, work diligently. This is due
Computer lab day: Gizmo (Ecosystem)--What happens to my ecosystem as I increase/decrease the producers? As I increases/decrease the top consumer?

How does the energy flow from one organisms to the next?

Computer lab day: Food chain gizmo

Homework: lab due Friday