Summarize the concepts learned in the past two weeks. Which moments were most memorable to you, and why?
If gene mutation were a color, what color would it be? Why do you think gene mutation relates to this specific color?6 sentence minimum.

Classwork: DNA Twizzler

.Different forms of a feature in an organism is called:
2.Different forms of a gene is called:
3.When both genes have the equal amount of influence on the outcome of an organism, we call it ________________.
finish making paper DNA
Relate paper model to actual DNA
Discuss "helix"
*how could you change your paper model to make it more realistic?*

1.During interphase ____________________are duplicated
2.DNA contains _____________________
3.Traits are determined by ______________.
Make Paper DNA

Homework: none
Warm-up: summarize Lorenzo's oil (movie) in 4-5 sentences

Classwork: come up with a treatment & campaign that will convince the public that your treatment is the best treatment

Homework: finish self-reflection