Think back to the past month. What did you learn? Explain at least 3 scientific concepts to your parents. Which concept did you find most difficult and why? What would have helped you learn this topic better? Which science day did you like the most, and why?


Create own questions for heredity that varies in difficulty and in concept. Justify/reflect on why your question is easy, medium, or hard. Create answer key. Switch with 1 other pair to answer their question.

Homework: get your warm-up signed over the weekend!
  1.Amy is a heterozygous brown-haired girl. Her genotype is:
2.If a Gg (green) and GG (green) snakes mate, the offspring will have:_______% of homozygous green skin gene and ______% of heterozygous green gene.


1. go over "paper clip" game using the dry erase "boards"
2. *Challenge* Questions (trade these in for VIP tickets tomorrow!)
  1.What are the possibilities of the parents if offspring is homozygous brown hair? 2.What are the possibilities of the parents if the offspring is a homozygous blond hair? 3.What are the possibilities of the parents if the offspring is heterozygous brown hair? 4.How can you ensure you will pass on a specific trait to your offspring?
 1.A dominant allele is represented by a ________letter.
 2.Recessive allele is represented by a _____ letter.
 3.Why did Mendel use pea plants in his study?

Finish "paper clip" (snake babies) game
Fruit Fly Lab
Warm-up: *Word bank: (incomplete dominance, Punnett square, recessive trait, dominant trait)
1.When one trait is not completely dominant over another is called __________.
 2._________is used to organize (calculate) possible offspring combinations
3.__________trait appears in the second generation in true-breeding plants.
4.Difference between trait & characteristic?
2nd period: review hw & classwork
2nd & 8th period: Snake Offspring Lab (Paper Clip Lab)

Homework: none
Warm-up: there is no warm-up. Please READ THE BOARD for what you are supposed to do.

Classwork: textbook work. You may answer on the sheet provided. You only have the class time to do it, so please make your time useful.

One person from each group get up and get the books please.

Turn in work in your homework cubby at the end of the period (this is your classwork grade for the day).

Homework: study for quiz on Monday
1.Seed color, seed size, seed shape are __________. Green & yellow; big & small; round & wrinkled are ________. 2.An organism with heterozygous genes will always show its ________traits (dominant/recessive?)
 3.An organism with homozygous recessive gene will always show its __________traits. 

Punnett Square Notes
Sponge Bob square-punnett square- see attached notes

Homework: sponge-bob worksheet
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