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Warm-up: no warm-up.  Career day sign up.

Review cell cycles of eukaryotic cells
Notes on prokaryotic cell division (binary fission) and difference between animal & plant cells
review game (flash card game)

Homework: vocab sheet/ study for test tomorrow
Warm-up: no warm up. Lab

Classwork: Onion Root Lab

Homework: vocab sheet/ due Thursday

What is the difference between  active and passive transport?
What are the similarities between photosynthesis and respiration?
The process of algae, plants and some bacteria using sunlight, CO2 and water to make food is called:
Classwork: mitosis notes (see attached)
mitosis review worksheet

Homework: mitosis worksheet
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Warm-up: ›
Define osmosis ›In photosynthesis, plants cells take in _____________________ and produce____________________.
In cellular respiration, cells take in ______________ and produce _______________.

go over how to write a lab report
revise lab


study for test; revise labs (both due tomorrow-sediments & weathering lab)
warm-up: go over how to graph IV and DV

classwork: do part II of carrot lab & lab write-up

Homework: carrot lab write up
Warm-up: go over lab
part 1 of carrot lab
photosynthesis & respiration worksheet

Homework: study for quiz; finish photosynthesis worksheet (essay not required; classwork tmrw)
Warm-up: no warm-up

Classwork: Lecture notes- photosynthesis & cellular respiration

Homework: finish active/passive transport handout
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Warm-up: Write to teacher
Summarize what you’ve learned this week. What was most interesting to you and why? What questions do you still have for me (regarding our topic)? How could I have helped you learn this topic better? Anything you’d like to share with me about what’s going on in your life?

Lecture Notes on Active/Passive Transport (see Monday's ppt 10/22- it is all in one)
Worksheet (reviewing active/passive transport)

Homework: start on vocab sheet

Warm-up: none

2nd period: no class- Writing Assessment
8th Period: mystery cells lab (identify A, B, and C)

Homework: finish write-up for mystery cell lab and cheek cell lab
1.The part of the microscope that supports the slide that is being viewed is called:
 2.You should only use the coarse adjustment on __________________.
3.You should only use fine adjustment on _______________________.
quiz #2 (microscopes multiple choice)
prequiz on cell process
go over labs
turn in  outdoor lab
Homework: finish lab write up for cheek cell lab