Warm-up (Not collecting this week; will grade all 7 warm ups next week)
  Turn in webquest in the cubby. Edible cell due Monday. =)

1.The “control center” of the cell that houses DNA is called ______________.
2._____________is a large and  centralized organelle in plant cells and small and scattered in animal cells 3.Organelle that transports proteins around the cell is called ___________(can be smooth or rough)

Go over edmodo rules
"Who am I?" stations-cells

Homework: Join edmodo. Edible cell due Monday; Test Thursday; Vocab sheet due on test day
 1.What is the difference between an animal  cell and a plant cell?
 2.List the order of structure from cell to organism
3._______ is the small organelle in cytoplasm where proteins  are made. (Some float around and some attach to ER)

Finish "Analogy" worksheet
Cell parts crossword (turn in for classwork grade)
Work on Cell Illustration for Edible Cell project

Homework: Webquest due tomorrow, edible cell due Monday, start on vocab sheet for test Thursday(10/4)
No warm up. CRCT science Check Points.

Homework: Complete Cell Structure and Function handout by Friday. (http://biology4kids.

Join edmodo by Friday.
No warm up. CRCT science Check Points.

Homework: Complete Cell Structure and Function handout by Friday. (http://biology4kids.

Join edmodo by Friday.
Warm-up: No warm-up. Quiz day.

Classwork: Quiz & lecture notes. Introduce edible lab (8th period, I will introduce it to you tmrw)

Homework: Join Ms. Kwon's edmodo group.

*****Accordion book due tmrw*****
Warm-up: Warm-up: Self-Reflection
Summarize what you’ve learned in this lesson(3 sentences). What was most interesting to you and why? How will you study this material so you can remember in the future? What else would you like to learn about this topic? (3 sentences)

Classwork: Accordion book (due Tuesday 9/25)

study for quiz (start on vocab sheet)
Place the following statements in order

*Robert Hooke discovers “cells” in a cork sample
*Virchow proposed that all cells come from existing cells
*Shleiden discovers all plants are made up of cells
*First microscope invented

Classwork: Accordion book

Homework: Study timeline & vocab sheet for quiz on Monday
Accordion book due Tuesday
Start on vocab sheet part 1
1. Robert Hooke discovered __________with early microscope.
2. Theodor Schwann discovered that all___________tissue is made of cells.
3. Theodor Schwann stated that: 1. all organisms are ______________2. cell is ____________________.

Classwork: Start on Accordion Book (in-class project)

Homework: Study timeline & vocab sheet for quiz Monday
Warm-up: ›
1. The cell wall is only found in __________________________. ›
2. The cell theory states that
Classwork: (period 8)-Lecture on Cells
(2nd & 8th) Organelle Stations & Constrast Chart (Plant vs Animal)
Organelles ActivBoard

Homework: none
1._____________is the science of naming and classifying organisms
2.Scientific name of an organism is written in______________(two-naming system).
 3.Kingdom made up of eukaryotes that can either produce food or engulf other organisms is called _______________. 
Go over "virtual cell"
Lecture- Cells I
Stations (Cell Parts & Functions)
Homework: Bring textbook, if you