Warm up:
1.Pick up a pre-test on ecology from the front 2.Complete, and turn in (please write your name) 3.Answer this question while you wait for others to finish pretest “What is Ecology? What is included in ecology?” 4.Get ready to take some notes!

Classwork: notes (see attached)
make a comic strip showing either the primary or secondary sucession
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1.What are some evidences of evolution? (name 3)
2.Fossils are commonly found in __________rock.
3.In _______________, humans select organisms with desirable traits that will be passed from one generation to another.
classwork: finish toothpick lab
Adaptation over time
Toothpick Lab Extension Questions (narratives)
Homework: Toothpick lab due friday
Warm-up:   1.The powerhouse of the cell where cellular respiration occurs is called:
 2.The inputs of cellular respiration are:
 3.The outputs of CR (cellular respiration) are:
 4.The relationship between photosynthesis and C.R is that:
Classwork: lab & lab discussion (toothpick lab)
Homework: Toothpick
1.The definition of evolution is:
2.The similarity between mitosis and meiosis is that
 3.The difference between eukaryotes and prokaryotes is
classswork: toothpick lab