Warm-up: 1.Define camouflage
2.What is the function of blood cells?
 3.What stops the blood from flowing backward (back into the heart)?
Classwork: finish natural selection gizmo
start on circulatory system gizmo (due Monday)
Homework: work on lab (Natural Selection)-due Frida
Warm-up: make gizmo account: www.explorelearning.com

Classwork: Natural Selections gizmo

Questions to consider: what is camouflage? How does camouflage affect popluation of a certain environment?

Homework: Natural Selections Gimzo due Friday
1.What are group of cells that are alike and work together?
2.What is the outside layer of the skin called?
3.What is a trachea? (what is its function?)

Review homework
review for quiz
take quiz (human body systems)
 1.What is the function of lymphatic system?
2.What are the two types of circulation?
 3.What is an alveoli?
Classwork: review the human body system essay
start on quiz review sheet
Homework: human body system "must-know" concepts
Warm-up: What have you learned in the past couple of weeks? (Write at least 3 concepts learned). How do you think you did on your project? Could you have produced a better product? Please explain.

What was most memorable to you (stands out most) out of this unit? Why was this most memorable?

Classwork:review body systems
work on body system man (Looking Inside Body Systems)

Homework: Human Body System Body Man due Monday (with essa)
1.What are the 4 levels of organization for human body system?
2.What is the function of the integumentary system?
 3.What are the functions of the skeletal system (name 3)?
Review parts of body systems
Work on body system man (Looking Inside the Body Systems)
Homework: work on "Looking Inside the Body Systems" and study for quiz
Revised Schedule: Writing Test

2nd period: Digestive System
8th Period: skeletal system

Homework: None. Please submit handwritten/typed up organized notes ASAP if you have not done so already.
Computer lab- finish writing the quiz, make PowerPoint/Prezi, and activity

Groups 1-4 will present on Thursday
Groups 5-7 Will present on Friday

What is due:
Day before presentation (Weds/Thursday):
electronic copy or hard copy of quiz & activity (by 10pm)
Day of presentation: individual hand-written note, individual organized notes (typed), group quiz (typed), group PowerPoint/Prezi (a link or file to submit to teacher), group's activity (typed)