Ms. Kwon's voice is finally back! Yay!!! Let's take some notes =)

Classwork: Notes on thunderstorms, tornado, tropical storms (notes will be posted tmrw along with tmrw's notes)
Start on Flipbook. Flipbook instructions:

  1.Write your name on the front page. Write date & period. Title this “Severe Weather” (or something along those lines)
2.Please label the subheadings: thunderstorm,  tornado, tropical storms
3.For each page (each type of storm) you must write` ¡Formation: describe how each is formed (in detail) ¡Location: Where it is formed ¡Illustration: draw (in color) what it looks like
 4.In each page, you must describe how each is formed 5.On the back of the page, label 4 different types of fronts: warm front, cold front, occluded front, and stationary front. ¡Illustrate & describe how each is formed

Homework: work on flipbook (Due Friday)

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