Warm-up: Self-Reflection
Summarize what you’ve learned in this lesson(3 sentences). What was most interesting to you and why? How will you study this material so you can remember in the future? What else would you like to learn about this topic? (3 sentences)

Classwork: Tectonic plates review stations & study station

Homework: study for quiz [see attachment for plate boundary chart. You should be able to identify type of plate boundary and land features that are formed by looking at an image- and/or be able to illustrate what happens along each type of boundary. Please see image below to study what happens along o-c divergence, o-c convergence, o-o convergence. Also know what happens along transform boundry, c-c divergence, c-c convergence]
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09/22/2012 10:09am

This is a great website for the plate tectonics.


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