Friday Reflection.

Write to the person sitting in front of you in a letter form. Address the prompt below:

Explain scientific “model” in your own words. Do you think that models are important in science? Why or why not? (at least 3 sentences). Think of the compound model of Earth’s layers. What everyday item would you use to build  this 3D model of the Earth’s layers and why? (For crust, I would use….because…)

Finish Stations. Get Ms. Kwon's signature for each station completed.

Layers of the Earth Graphic Organizer
(5th & 6th Period only)

Annoucements: Test on Wednesday!!!
Your vocab sheet is due Wednesday. If you haven't been doing your vocab sheet and currently have a zero for homework grade, you must show me during warm-up on Tuesday for partial credit.

09/02/2012 3:42am

Ms. Kwon, for some crazy reason my graphic organizerhas all the notes exept the ones for outer core. Would you mind emailing me them?

Ms. Kwon
09/02/2012 7:56am


Please refer to the email that I have sent you. But also remember that I post all of the PowerPoints that we go over in class- in this case, the PowerPoint is under 8/29 post.

Have a great weekend =)


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