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warm-up: CRCT review
Classwork: how did you use "energy" today?

*Learn about renewable vs nonrenewable resources
*chalk & tabletop excercies

Homework: study island due tomorrow!
Test day

Homework: "Wanted: Garbage Collectors In Space" article
Warm-up: CRCT review

Classwork: "Fill me in" review/group competition

Homework: Study for test (test tmrw): LOOK AT EDMODO POSTINGS FOR REVIEW SESSION

Warm-up: CRCT review

Classwork: mystery lesson: find the mystery to "how did earth become the host planet to complex beings like humans?"

homework: study for test. Go on edmodo for study session.
Classwork: Earth's history timeline.

Homework: none. study for test
classwork: finish 2 option classwork for "comet/asteroid/meteors"


homework: turn in gizmo (moon phases) lab
Warm-up: CRCT review

Classwork: in groups, learn about comets, asteroids and meteors. Then, pick 2 options from the worksheet (create a song, create a poem, create a story, create a visual organizer, create a poster: that shows the similarities and differences between comets, asteroids and meteors)


Homework: work on the gizmo (lab) due tomorrow
Computer lab day:

Gizmo: What causes moon phases?

Homework: finish lab write up (gizmo-moon phases)
work with your table members to fill out the review chart

review planets, big bang, & doppler effect

homework: post card, study for quiz