Warm-up: 1.How do the tornadoes form?
2.How would you prepare for tornado safety?
3.___________is the measure of the moisture (water vapor) in the air.
Classwork: Discuss Analysis & graph for Seasons gizmo
start on Hurricane gizmo
Homework: finish Seasons (due tmrw)
finish Hurricane (due Monday)
Warm-up: make gizmo account: www.explorelearning.com

Classwork: Seasons gizmo

Questions to consider: what happens as you increse the number of degrees? (How does tilting the plate relate to how much sun rays hit the plate?)

How is this related to seasons?

Homework: Seasons gizmo due on Friday (lab grade)
1.How do the clouds form?
2.What causes lightning?
3.What is the tool that measures wind speed?
Review for quiz
Take quiz (Severe Weather & Fronts)
Read Twister Science Article
Answer questions on Twister Science Ariticle
1.Define stationary front
2.What measures the air pressure?
3.What happens to the air pressure as the temperature decreases?
Predict Weather
Go over forecasting temperature & precipitation worksheet
(concepts to know: know that temperature of day & night depends on cloud coverage & type of wind that blows. How does cloud coverage affect day time temperatures? How does cloud coverage affect night time temperatures?)
(Concepts to know: know that precipitation occurs when moist air cools and condenses. Why is moisture necessary for making precipitation? How do fronts affect precipitation?- Fronts affect precipitation because warmer air is pushed up and cools, condenses, and turns into cloud)
Homework: study for the quiz [concepts to know: formation & location of thunderstorms, tornadoes, tropical storms; types of fronts & their movement; weather instruments; how air pressure is affected by temperature, humidity and altitude; how precipitation is affected by fronts]
Warm-up: What have you learned in the past couple of weeks? (Write at least 3 concepts learned). How do you think you did on your project? Could you have produced a better product? Please explain.

What was most memorable to you (stands out most) out of this unit? Why was this most memorable?

Classwork: notes on weather & weather instruments
predict temperature and precipitation

Homework: try to predict the weather for Monday based on Sunday's weather. Please be sure to justify your prediction with at least 2-3 sentences (based on Sunday's weather).

1.How are thunderstorms formed?
2.Cyclones are formed ___________(specific location).
3. What happens during a warm front?
Classwork: review how each type of storm is formed
work on the flipbook
Homework: finish flipbook (due tomorrow!)
Writing test today. Revised schedule.

class work: take notes on front (see attached for notes on severe weather and fronts)
work on flip book

Homework: work on flipbook (due Friday) and study for Quiz (Tuesday 1/28/13)
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Ms. Kwon's voice is finally back! Yay!!! Let's take some notes =)

Classwork: Notes on thunderstorms, tornado, tropical storms (notes will be posted tmrw along with tmrw's notes)
Start on Flipbook. Flipbook instructions:

  1.Write your name on the front page. Write date & period. Title this “Severe Weather” (or something along those lines)
2.Please label the subheadings: thunderstorm,  tornado, tropical storms
3.For each page (each type of storm) you must write` ¡Formation: describe how each is formed (in detail) ¡Location: Where it is formed ¡Illustration: draw (in color) what it looks like
 4.In each page, you must describe how each is formed 5.On the back of the page, label 4 different types of fronts: warm front, cold front, occluded front, and stationary front. ¡Illustrate & describe how each is formed

Homework: work on flipbook (Due Friday)
1.What are the 3 types of tropical storms?
2.Where does a hurricane form?
3.Which direction does a tropical storm spin on northern hemisphere? (Balloon demonstration)

Classwork: introduce tropical storm safety project
go over how to solve math problem

Homework: finish at least part A of your handout for the safety project
Classwork: Review & revise sub work from yesterday and Tuesday
Homework: Research your country's natural disasters from 1990-present. Pick 5 most devastating natural disasters and write 1 paragraph about each (3-5 sentences). 3 out of 5 natural disasters should be about tropical storm.