I believe that I  have the best set of families supporting me this year. I am very grateful for all of the items that I have received this week. Thank you students and family! Thanks to you, we are starting the year off right, with the right tools to have a happy, healthy,  and an enriching year!

I would like to take a moment to thank the following familes:

Thank you...
Anna and Reyes family for the tissues and Clorox wipes. (We'll contain those germs, won't we? ;))
Emma Sweigart & family for the tissues (should come in handy in the cold season)
Maddie Pfeifer & family for Clorox wipes (go away germs!)
Jordan Overton & family for hand soap (I didn't realize I needed them until I had them brought in! =)
Lizzy Buchanan & family for boxes of tissue, Clorox wipes  and hand sanitizers (wow! keep those germs away!=))
Anna Smith & family for Clorox wipes (I'll try my best to wipe the germs away whenever possible ;))
Libby Wehr & family for much neededhand ziploc bags (we use them for labs all the time!)
Gracie Rodriguez & family for tissues (ah-choo! go away cold!)
Alexendra Chapman & family for boxes of tissues (thank you! we already went through one box)
Capella Edwards & family for index cards  (They will come in handy for activities)
Austen Hensel & family for boxes of tissues and Clorox wipes (we'll go through them fast this year!)
Johannes Binninger & family for boxes of tisses, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer (wow! thank you for your generosity!)
Nolan Siegal & family for colored pencils, box of tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer & soap (you are  so generous! thank you for donating much needed items!)
Nathan Jacobi & family for tissues, Clorox wipes, Expo markers and hand sanitizer (I'll be sure to wipe the markers free of germs whenever I can ;))
Rhett Mobley & family for Expo markers, boxes of tissues, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers (I had never seen a donation's bag so big before! Thank you for your contribution! =))
Andrew Myer & family for colored pencils and ruler.  (The students will definitely be using these items a lot. Thank you) 
Isaac Rudolph & family for Clorox wipes and tissues. We can never have enough of those! =)
**If I did not list your name, it is because I have received some items without names on them. I do not know who to thank for the generous donations of tissues, zip loc bags, and hand sanitizers. Please let me know so I can correct this mistake! 


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    Without your donations, the students will be without basic necessities like, tissues and hand sanitizers. (You are helping us contain germs, thank you! =))
    Your donations throughout the year is also enabling us to do many hands-on activities and they are enriching our students' learning. Thank you! 


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