First,  I would like to thank Mrs. Walker and Ms. Walker of Haynes Bridge Middle School for their generous donation of educational posters. You have really made my classroom look gorgeous! The periodic table of the universe (which is my favorite) is hanging oh-so-proudly in my room.

Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for the binder. Not only are you providing me with many words of wisdom, but you will help me be organized this year.

Thank you, Haynes Bridge Middle School PTA and HBMS for your generosity. My students are going to start this year off with the best learning tools!

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    Without your donations, the students will be without basic necessities like, tissues and hand sanitizers. (You are helping us contain germs, thank you! =))
    Your donations throughout the year is also enabling us to do many hands-on activities and they are enriching our students' learning. Thank you! 


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