Thank you, Nathan Jacobi & family, for donating the 2 liter bottle. Now we only need 5 more! (don't make me drink five 2 liter sodas by myself now!)

Thank you, Alexander Davis & family, for the dry-erase board marker set. It looks really fancy. I can't wait to use it =)

Thank you, Miller Thomason & family, for hand sanitizer and kleenex wipes. Yay. It's only been few weeks into  the school year and I've already gone through 1 bottle!

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    Without your donations, the students will be without basic necessities like, tissues and hand sanitizers. (You are helping us contain germs, thank you! =))
    Your donations throughout the year is also enabling us to do many hands-on activities and they are enriching our students' learning. Thank you! 


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