Thank you Spencer Scharlotte and family, for 4 sets of colored pencils and a full 12-ct colored Sharpies for classroom use!

Christmas came early for me this year! (Imagine me saying the following with very dramatic voice, "that's exactly what I wanted, how did you know???" =))

We will definitely be making a good use out of them throughout the year. I appreciate it so much! Thank you! =)
Did you know that our school receives 10 cents per box top that is turned in? There are so many boxtops on  the items that we purchase everday (even cake frostings!). This money helps us purchase things like paper, books, and much needed supplies. (and perhaps even an ActivBoard for Ms. Kwon! =))
Thank you Mary, for bringing in the boxtops. I know that it probably took a lot of effort on your mom and everyone else in the family.
Please remember to save the box tops!
Paper plates are so versatile. Thank you so much to Mary O'Neil and family and Spencer Scharlotte and family for your generous donation of paper plates. We will make a good use of them this year =)

Thank you Ruby Parcell and family. My bottle collection has finally come to an end (for now) =)
Thank you, Mira Feliccia & family, for donating the three 2 liter bottles! Now we only need 2 more! And thank you for that delicious edible earth. What a great way to represent the mantle! It is a gooey solid, just like slightly melted marshmallow!
You know I LOVE Snoopy. And obviously, I love science. So what's better than those two things? Why, those two things combined, of course! Thank you Sommer Lemcoe and family for the poster. I absolutely love it.
Thank you, Nathan Jacobi & family, for donating the 2 liter bottle. Now we only need 5 more! (don't make me drink five 2 liter sodas by myself now!)

Thank you, Alexander Davis & family, for the dry-erase board marker set. It looks really fancy. I can't wait to use it =)

Thank you, Miller Thomason & family, for hand sanitizer and kleenex wipes. Yay. It's only been few weeks into  the school year and I've already gone through 1 bottle!
Who would have thought anyone could be this excited about bottles? Well, I am! =) Thanks Nolan Siegel & family for the 2 liter bottle! (You'll see what that's all about soon!)

Keep'em coming 6th & 7th graders!
I believe that I  have the best set of families supporting me this year. I am very grateful for all of the items that I have received this week. Thank you students and family! Thanks to you, we are starting the year off right, with the right tools to have a happy, healthy,  and an enriching year!

I would like to take a moment to thank the following familes:

Thank you...
Anna and Reyes family for the tissues and Clorox wipes. (We'll contain those germs, won't we? ;))
Emma Sweigart & family for the tissues (should come in handy in the cold season)
Maddie Pfeifer & family for Clorox wipes (go away germs!)
Jordan Overton & family for hand soap (I didn't realize I needed them until I had them brought in! =)
Lizzy Buchanan & family for boxes of tissue, Clorox wipes  and hand sanitizers (wow! keep those germs away!=))
Anna Smith & family for Clorox wipes (I'll try my best to wipe the germs away whenever possible ;))
Libby Wehr & family for much neededhand ziploc bags (we use them for labs all the time!)
Gracie Rodriguez & family for tissues (ah-choo! go away cold!)
Alexendra Chapman & family for boxes of tissues (thank you! we already went through one box)
Capella Edwards & family for index cards  (They will come in handy for activities)
Austen Hensel & family for boxes of tissues and Clorox wipes (we'll go through them fast this year!)
Johannes Binninger & family for boxes of tisses, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer (wow! thank you for your generosity!)
Nolan Siegal & family for colored pencils, box of tissues, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer & soap (you are  so generous! thank you for donating much needed items!)
Nathan Jacobi & family for tissues, Clorox wipes, Expo markers and hand sanitizer (I'll be sure to wipe the markers free of germs whenever I can ;))
Rhett Mobley & family for Expo markers, boxes of tissues, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizers (I had never seen a donation's bag so big before! Thank you for your contribution! =))
Andrew Myer & family for colored pencils and ruler.  (The students will definitely be using these items a lot. Thank you) 
Isaac Rudolph & family for Clorox wipes and tissues. We can never have enough of those! =)
**If I did not list your name, it is because I have received some items without names on them. I do not know who to thank for the generous donations of tissues, zip loc bags, and hand sanitizers. Please let me know so I can correct this mistake! 

First,  I would like to thank Mrs. Walker and Ms. Walker of Haynes Bridge Middle School for their generous donation of educational posters. You have really made my classroom look gorgeous! The periodic table of the universe (which is my favorite) is hanging oh-so-proudly in my room.

Thank you, Mrs. Bennett, for the binder. Not only are you providing me with many words of wisdom, but you will help me be organized this year.

Thank you, Haynes Bridge Middle School PTA and HBMS for your generosity. My students are going to start this year off with the best learning tools!


    Without your donations, the students will be without basic necessities like, tissues and hand sanitizers. (You are helping us contain germs, thank you! =))
    Your donations throughout the year is also enabling us to do many hands-on activities and they are enriching our students' learning. Thank you! 


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